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Discover the Exclusive Benefits of Reverse Mortgages

Are You Eligible to Reverse Your Mortgage?

Are you entering retirement with dreams and goals that you hope to accomplish, if only you could find the money to accomplish them?

Are you a Canadian homeowner of the age of 55 or older? You may be eligible to experience the advantages reverse mortgages can offer you.

Find out more about whether you qualify to reverse your mortgage now.

Mortgage Edge and Your Reverse Mortgage

At Mortgage Edge, we know you have unique desires and needs that need funding. We are dedicated to offering personable, attentive and professional consulting services that ensure you find the perfect solution to suit your unique needs. We partner with Home Equity Bankin offering you access to the benefits of a CHIP Home Income Plan.

Our brokers have knowledge and expertise in a variety of fields including:

  • Banking
  • Financial Consulting
  • Real Estate

The Advantages You Have to Look Forward To

If a reverse mortgage is the solution for you, you can look forward to a number of benefits, including:

  • Remaining in complete control of your funds
  • You decide how you receive payments and how much value you unlock while keeping ownership of your home
  • Enhancing your retirement by simply restructuring your finances
  • Keeping all the remaining home equity
  • Receiving tax-free funds
  • Not losing government benefits because the loan is not considered income
  • Not paying interest in the form of monthly payments
    • You can pay the annual interest through regular payments or a lump sum and receive a 0.50% discount on the rate for the following year.  The choice is yours!

Most importantly, you have the freedom to choose how you want to use your money. Some popular applications include:

  • Travelling
  • Investing to build more funds
  • Paying off debt
  • Renovating your home for added value
  • Contributing to family and community needs

Begin making the most out of your golden years! Schedule a free consultation with a representative from Mortgage Edge now. Let us guide you to the perfect solution, be it a CHIP reverse mortgage or another more fitting solution.